Detox part 2

So this heavy metal detox is on like donkey kong. It has been almost 4 weeks so far and, quite frankly, week 1 I felt pretty bloody ordinary. I was getting headaches, night sweats and pretty much could not keep my eyes open past 7pm. I would slept for 10hrs and wake up feeling exhausted….. I must have been running marathons in my sleep because let’s face it, it’s the only time you’d catch me running more than 500m. On a positive note, my skin has almost completely cleared up and this adult acne that decided to grace me with its presence about 18 mths ago seems to have pi$$ed off which is nice. I seem to have lost a bit of weight, not at all my intention, but something I have observed nonetheless….. That metal was obviously weighing me down 😉 Important to note, I have not actually weighed myself, I just feel like I am leaner & my clothes are fitting differently.

I am taking a multitude of supplements to help support my body in this detoxification process & assist the chelation of the mercury. None are too bad apart from this one powder that tastes like sewer syrup. Puke.

As part of the detox I have been using the INFRA-RED SAUNA at FUNCTION WELL and loving it! Only thing is am enjoying about this detox is the half hour of ‘quiet time’ in their amazing ‘detox box’. The members here can use this as often and whenever they like! How good. I am thinking about joining the gym here finally because not only can I sauna till my hearts content, their facilities are amazing and they have an amazingly holistic approach to health, fitness & wellness. They are about to launch a 28 DAY CLEAN & LEAN CHALLENGE so if you need to detox, reboot & kick your ar$e into gear this might be a great place to start….. You even get a cooking class with me. Whoop whoop.

Anyway, that’s where it’s at. Stay tuned for more when I have something exciting to report.


2 thoughts on “Detox part 2

  1. Kirri de Marco says:

    I was wondering if you could refer me to whoever is supporting you. I have asthma that just won’t respond to treatment and so am looking for someone to assist me in getting control over it.

    Love the blog and your site.

  2. Hey Kirri, are you in Brisbane? I am seeing Sarah the naturopath at Function Well. All her details are on their website. Good luck with it.

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