Eggs are back!

OM-Freaking-G I cannot believe I forgot to tell you all that eggs are back in my life!! These magic little bullets made their reappearance a few weeks ago and have been making a regular cameo back in my life a couple of times a week since. If you don’t know the story behind the LOSS OF EGGS from my life you can read it HERE.

So, after a bit over 2 mths of an egg free existence I thought I would try my luck at reintroducing those bad-boys and voila, no bloating, no break outs and I didn’t watch to scratch my eyes or throat out! Yee Ha people yee-freaking-ha. Going out for breakfast just became a WHOLE lot easier.

On a side note, I also very stupidly thought that dairy, gluten & cane sugar in the form of sticky date pudding & ice cream for my brother’s birthday might be worth a shot… Rookie error. Not even slightly surprisingly my guts blew up within about 15mins, my eyes were itchy, I wanted to scratch my throat out. Pretty happy to say that I would be pretty ok for gluten, cane sugar & dairy to stay out of my life for good.

I also on a different week accidentally had banana, pineapple & almond milk while creating and taste-testing smoothie recipes for Primal Pantry. My eyes were itchy within 20mins, obviously I hit myself with 3 potential allergens at once so I am not really sure where I am at with those individual things but once again, pretty happy to keep them out of my life for the time being. Eggs were the only thing I have really missed & after lots of probiotics, homemade sauerkraut, homemade kombucha & LOADS of bone broth my gut seems to be able to handle them! Hooray hooray!


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  1. Eggs are amazing! I’m so happy for you to enjoy their nutritional deliciousness again.

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