Herby Roast Veges

I wanted to try and use my MAMMOTH KITCHEN Meat Seasoning in others ways because I already know it’s delicious on meat. These roast veggies with give you a big nutritional punch and they are delicious! They would be great tossed through a salad, some quinoa, wild rice, or on a big salad wrap with some grilled chicken and goats cheese for lunch too! This one is super easy.

Preheat over to 200 C

About 4 cups chopped veggies- more or less is not a big deal
I used – pumpkin, sweet potato, eggplant, zucchini, carrot
These would be great too – mushrooms, squash, parsnip, cauliflower.
2 good heaped tablespoons of the Mammoth meat seasoning (you can use a different herb mix or make your own. Make sure your bought one is natural and minus all the crap)
2 tbs macadamia oil

Add chopped veggies to a big bowl or bag, add oil and meat seasoning and mix well. Spread onto some baking paper lined trays in a single layer and bake for about 20-30 minutes or until cooked.
Eat them either hot or cold. These would be a perfect accompaniment to a roast!



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