Homemade Greek Style Yoghurt

Love the Greek yoghurt that you get from the deli, the thick, creamy, deliciously sweet stuff? Well most of them are laden with sugar, that’s why they taste so great, and honestly, freaking expensive! Here’s a recipe you can made at home with very little effort and still achieve that deliciously thick consistency that we love…. Without all that refined sugar!

1 tub natural yoghurt (get the big tub, you will only end up with half the quantity at the end)
2 clean chux or muslin cloth
1-2 tsp honey (optional)
Frozen berries, fresh berries, nuts, seeds, cinnamon- whatever you want to flavor it with.

Lay the chux’s on top of each other in a double layer or muslin cloth on the bench and tip the whole tub of yoghurt in. Gather up and Hold over the sink as liquid will start to dribble out. Tie the chux up tight at the top so there is a yoghurt “ball” formed at the bottom and now it needs to hang over a container in the fridge overnight so all the liquid drains out. We are separating the “curds” and “whey”. You might need to retighten the chux after a few hours when a bit more liquid has drained. In the morning, do as you will with the whey, it’s good for you, and open the chux, you now have what is sold at the markets as “yoghurt cheese”! You can add this to anything that calls for sour cream or cream cheese in it or drizzle it with some olive oil and dukka and call it a dip! Add some chives and herbs and use it as a spread? We are going to mix it with the honey and top with our fruit. Thick, creamy, delicious and no nasties!



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