Massaman Beef Cheeks

I have not had beef cheeks since I made THIS RECIPE and made the discovery that they are actually cheeks for the face of the cow, not the butt. Easy mistake to make. These babies are the best to slow cook & you end up with this amazing fally-apart-melt-in-your-mouth business and a great dose of skin & gut healthy gelatin.

6 beef cheeks

500ml coconut cream
500ml chicken stock or BONE BROTH
3 heaped tbs massaman curry paste (I use the Pandaroo brand)
2 tsp cinnamon
Coriander to serve
1 large sweet potato, cut into large chunks (optional)

I did this in the slow cooker. It is very complicated. Put all the liquids & paste in the slow cooker. Mix well. Add the beef cheeks & sweet potato. Turn it on low, let the magic happen for 6-8hrs. Use a fork to shred the beef cheeks. Serve on top of a nice big pile of cauliflower rice or cauliflower mash and sprinkle with fresh coriander.


2 thoughts on “Massaman Beef Cheeks

  1. I will be trying this on the weekend, looks so good

  2. Thank you! There are super easy too!

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