No Cook Carrot Cake

By no cook I mean no bake, it still requires a cook. It’s not going to make itself. It’s cake, it’s not that clever. Trav thinks this is the best cake yet…. He also thought that when I blended frozen peas (thanks Bel for the idea) with blueberries & Acai powder in the food processor as dessert one night that THAT was “definitely THE BEST creation ever”, true story. So let it be known, he is VERY easily pleased. This is actually delicious though & was inspired by THIS RECIPE that I adapted based on what I had.

For the base-
1/2 cup almonds (can sub for cashews or macadamias)
4 fresh dates
1/2 cup coconut butter (you could use 1/4 cup coconut oil, it will just change the texture slightly)
1 1/2 carrots, grated
1/2 cup walnuts
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp cloves

In your food processor blend dates, almonds & coconut butter until fairly smooth. Add remaining ingredients & blend until just combined. Press into a baking paper lined tray (I used a loaf tin) and pop in the freezer while you do the icing.

For the icing-
1/2 cup blanched almonds, soaked in water for about an hour or more, then drained (no drama if you don’t use blanched it will just darken the icing colour slightly- you can also use cashews)
5 tbs water (approx)
Juice 1/2 lemon & zest
1/2 tsp vanilla powder
Dash stevia to taste
2 tbs coconut butter (again you can use coconut oil but probably don’t add the water if you do)

Blend all icing ingredients in the food processor until smooth. Add extra water/coconut oil to achieve the desired consistency. Spread this on top of the carrot cake base & place in the fridge (or freezer if you are super impatient like me). Top with some extra walnuts & a sprinkle of cinnamon. Can be stored in the fridge or freezer, just let it thaw before trying to munch on it when you take it from the freezer.


2 thoughts on “No Cook Carrot Cake

  1. Sarah says:

    LOVE carrot cake!! I am sharing a recipe tomorrow!!! See that flashing light flying above your house…haha!

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