Old Dog, New Tricks- Infrared Sauna & Massage Bed

So, where’s the recipe? There isn’t one so you can stop looking now. This is another info session. This time on infrared saunas and why I decided to try one and why you might like to, or not, I don’t really mind.

In my training I have been doing a mix of HIIT and some German Body Composition Training. I am feeling generally good, strong and pretty fit. I am eating really well- no sugar, no gluten, very minimal dairy, taking a great probiotic, eating often but probably having too many weekends of drinking cider lately 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I might have a few drinks one night of the weekend, I am not a booze-hound! BUT my joints are sore, my knees have a lot of fluid around them, my guts are a bit funny. Sometimes bloated, sometimes fine, usually after I have had a couple of glasses of wine or cider. I know- just stop drinking. I am going to reel it in. Regardless, I wanted to feel better and try and get rid of some of this joint pain and inflammation. Enter Infrared Sauna. I was doing a bit of research about the benefits of them and decided to give it a crack and see how we went.

The concept of infrared and the benefits of it have been around for years. You used to have to sit in a room or booth, look at the walls, and wait for the time to be over. I think these are still around, they work just fine from all accounts, BUT, The new kid on the block is the Infrared Thermal Massage Sauna Bed.

Old Dog


New Tricks


So what is an infrared sauna? Great question! Infrared saunas heat the cells of the body directly rather than the air around the body like a traditional sauna. The health benefits are vast and varied from skin purification & increased elasticity, detoxification (you can sweat the equivalent of running 10-15km in 30mins), elimination of heavy metals such as mercury & cadmium, relieves pain and fluid accumulation, relief from arthritis symptoms, assist in lowering blood pressure, improved circulation, reduction in cellulite, Beneficial for eczema, psoriasis & acne sufferers, strengthens the immune system.

Why am I blabbing about them? I had my first one tonight.

You lie on the bed, the pod comes up around you leaving your face out, the heated jade rollers massage you while you lie there, and the pod heats up. You lie there being massaged for half an hour, you sweat and then you go. It was AMAZING! Very relaxing, not too hot, my muscles felt immediately relaxed afterwards and the fluid in my knees has decreased within a few hours. It is still early days but I feel good enough that I have booked in again for a few days time. Will keep you posted on the progress going forward.

You can read more about infrared saunas HERE

Anyone else had any experiences with this they would like to share?


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  1. Great infrared sauna massage bed.

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