One for the ladies…

In line with my recent BIOSIG, I have been looking for better alternatives to hair products, skin care and make up to reduce my exposure to Environmental Estrogens.

A few things I have tried recently are Oil Cleansing , you can read more about it in that link. I have just been using coconut oil, rubbing it into my face well before my shower, using the warm water in the shower to ‘steam’ it into my skin, then using a face washer to gently wipe it off. My skin has been clearer, soften & LESS oily!! As we know coconut oil is antibacterial, antifungal and anti microbial, WHY have I not put this on my face before!?!

As my make-up has been running out I have been looking to replace it with better ones. I was recommended this brand called GloMinerals by Making Faces By Lizzie Leaney. Rest assured that there is NO talcs, parabans, FD & C Dyes or chemicals in this range. Just pure Minerals and Vitamins ANDDDD the best part is it is super affordable! You can order it from Making Faces. I have just been sent a stash of pressed powder, face mist, mascara, lip gloss and lip balm that are amazing!! Great Xmas gifts too, get on board!



2 thoughts on “One for the ladies…

  1. thewhitedish says:

    I LOVE coconut oil! Usually I put it in my hair at night, then wash it the next day. Then I also use it on my face at night…but didn’t know about the “steam” part… I will have to research that. Good post!

  2. Oooh a hair treatment! Excellent idea, how do you stop it going all over your pillows at night though?

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