Paleo Treats….. Friend or Foe

They are sure as hell my friend but they might be your foe. I see so many ‘Paleo police’ getting their loin cloths in a twist over paleofied sweet & treats. Eyes on your own plate people. No-one’s forcing that Paleo Donut down your pie hole….. Though what a delightful form of torture if they did! You just go back to eating your kale and keep your cranky-treat-deprived-opinions to yourself. 

Now come on, let’s get real. Cavepeople (because PC) would if they could! I guarantee that if Mr & Mrs Grok (or Mr & Mr/ Mrs & Mrs) had come across a Paleolithic bakery on their travels they would have dropped the jerky quicker than you can say Choc Chip Caramel Cookie Sandwich and dove in. Same as they would have if they stumbled across a fruit tree, it’s just a different version of a ‘treat’. 

Treats for me have their place because food, cooking & eating should be a joyful experience and I for one, love to bake and make sweets and experiment with food and I don’t do well with the dairy or gluten in the non-Paleo counterparts.  It all depends on where you are at with your health as to whether your food journey should involve a treat once a week, once a month or once a year. Heck, if you are a well-oiled machine with thriving gut health, glowing skin, boundless energy, excellent sleep patterns, a sharp mind & you feel like you are at the top of your game…… Treat yourself as often as makes you feel good. If you have sluggish digestion, skin breakouts, rubbish sleep, high stress, brain fog and are pretty-much flat-lining in the energy department, I’d suggest their are far more important foods for you than treats. 

I think the main thing to keep in mind is the very word ‘treat’. The definition I found said ‘an event or item that is out of the ordinary that gives great pleasure‘. That’s the thing, it’s not for all the days, all the time. It’s not meant to take the place of a real, nutrient dense meal. It’s for celebrations (Friday is a celebration right?), it’s for dinner parties (Wednesday night standing at the kitchen bench in my pj’s count?), it’s for those times when you really just want to smash a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in your gob but instead you can make my  Hardcore Choc Crunch Ice Cream and don’t have the guilts for days. 

What do you think about Paleo treats? Might as well just eat the real thing or are you all over them like a fat kid on a smartie? 


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