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You know what I love? Apart from chocolate, coconut & bacon… Gym clothes. Love them. I would easily spend more on gym gear than regular clothes. Easy. I mean, I wear it far more than regular clothing anyway, at least once a day, often more, it’s the only thing I wear generally on weekends, if I could wear it to work I would. You know what I don’t love? The price tag that often comes attached to quality gym clothing. It’s just mean. Well lucky for you and I, Jade from Sano Sports is coming to the rescue with great quality gear with a more affordable price tag! You can keep up to date with her latest new products on her Facebook page and see what she is thinking about getting in stock!

So here is 5 mins of fury with Jade so you can learn a bit more about the girl behind the brand before you go into an ordering frenzy on her website. Enjoy. Then go check out her stuff.

Can you give us a quick run-down on how Sano Sports came about?
Sano came about from my love of exercise and obsession with workout clothes. I wanted a job that I was passionate about.

What is your sport of choice?

What is your fav piece of Sano Sports clothing so far?
At the moment the tights. I wear them everyday. Love them!

Sum up your life right now in 5 words or less?
Busy, exciting and challenging.

What is one item you cannot wait to have in your range? Our ‘AQUA’ dress. It’s going to be amazing for anyone that enjoys the water.

Where do get inspiration for your range and how you decide what new products to bring on board?
I get inspiration from the gym and when I’m out for coffee/breaky. I decide to bring new products on board after I chat with my customers about what they want or need or I see a design that I love and can’t live without.

What item is the most versatile in the range & why?
The tights. Perfect for everyday life and any form of exercise. They are super comfortable, high waisted so not constantly pulling up your pants and the fabric is super soft.




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