Chocolate Coconut Jubes

These remind me of Chico Baby lollies!! I am loving gelatin right now and add it to everything and anything! Tea, coffee, smoothies, soups, pretty much any liquid really. I have two different types, one that Gels Up that I use only in hot things so it dissolves completely or in things like these jellies that I want to gel. This one you can add to anything and it will dissolve. Both are completely flavorless too. So what’s up with the gelatin obsession? Prepare to be enlightened!

Making your own homemade BONE BROTH is an amazing way to get more fabulous gelatin in your diet as well. Gelatin is not only brilliant for repairing & maintaining a healthy gut but it is amazing for skin, hair, nail & joint health. You know those collagen creams & potions people spend a fortune on? Well gelatin is the building blocks for creating your very own collagen. Bring on youthful skin & fantastic skin elasticity! You can read more about the benefits of gelatin HERE and HERE.

1 tbs raw cacao
3/4 cup coconut milk
3 tbs gelatin powder
1-2 tbs rice malt syrup/maple syrup or stevia

In a small pot add all ingredients and whisk well to combine, don’t worry if it’s a bit clumpy, the gelatin will dissolve soon. Pop onto a medium heat and keep whisking until it is nice and smooth. Once it is, remove from heat & pour into moulds or into a baking paper lined tray. Pop it in the fridge for a few hours to set. Once it’s set you can either cut the Jubes into cubes if you used a tray or just pop them out of the moulds. DE-LICIOUS! You could also add a shot of espresso & a bit less coconut milk if you wanted a mocha kinda deal.


4 thoughts on “Chocolate Coconut Jubes

  1. Bee says:

    Shan I have Great Lakes Collagen (love it) but I just wanted to ask if it’s heat stable. I have it in smoothies (obviously) and in water but wasn’t sure if it would be damaged in a hot drink or hot meal. I see you use it in soups etc so that really is the answer, isn’t it!

  2. Hey Bee, very heat stable from what I have read. I add the green one to tea & coffee and also veggie mash etc. The red one I only tend to use to make jellies but the fact that it re-gels would suggest to me that it hasn’t been damaged….

  3. Bri says:

    Don’t suppose this is vegetarian friendly Shan?

  4. Hey Bri, the gelatin is derived from beef so unfortunately no.

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