Chocolate Protein Fudge

I love fudge, it is sweet and delicious and chewy…. This fudge isn’t the ‘would-you-like-Diabetes-with-that’ sweetness of regular fudge but it is much higher in protein, low sugar, full of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals! The flavours can be altered depending on how you feel. Today I was feeling “gingery”… Is that a word? It is now. Ginger is an awesome anti-inflammatory- especially for those with arthritis, great for gastrointestinal upsets (especially motion sickness and morning sickness), and has many immune-boosting properties.

1/2 avocado
1/4 cup raw cacao
1 tbs coconut oil, melted
1 heaped tbs nut butter (I used ABC)
1 cup plain protein powder (unflavored, unsweetened) – you can use almond or flaxseed meal instead I you like
1 tsp fresh grated ginger (optional, but I love ginger)
1 tbs agave or maple syrup (OPTIONAL- leave this out if you want a sugar-free option or you can add some Stevia to taste or a couple of fresh dates)

Add avocado, ginger, cacao, agave and coconut oil to a small food processor and blend until smooth? Add all ingredients to a bowl and mix really well for about 5 minutes until everything is combined. It should have the consistency of unset fudge. It will be quite sticky. Pour into a small tray/container lined with baking paper and use more baking paper on top to press it down. Pop in the fridge, or if you are really impatient like me, the freezer, until it sets. Cut into squares and store in the fridge or freezer.

You can make some variations by adding some raspberries to the mix at the end or some shredded coconut or chopped nuts. You could add some finely chopped fresh chilli and make chilli chocolate fudge? Or some peppermint essence and have mint-Choc fudge! What about 1/2 a mashed banana and have Choc-Banana Fudge! Coffee? Or hazlenuts and make Nutella-Fudge. Ahhh so many options to explore! I have gotta go, more fudge to make!



8 thoughts on “Chocolate Protein Fudge

  1. Liz says:

    Yum! Can you please bring me a little taste to try ? Made the seed/nut slice today! Delicious !

  2. If there is any left by the time I see you (unlikely) then you can definately try some Liz. I will make another batch though soon if you miss out on this round πŸ™‚

  3. Yes please! What a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  4. No worries Becca, thanks for following πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for the shout-out Holly and “Go team Avocado” πŸ˜‰

  6. Irene says:

    These look delicious! Do you have a favorite protein for baking?

  7. Hi Irene, thank you! I have only ever used a flavorless whey protein so far as i prefer to use things that are not already sweetened but I do find with baking this it can sometimes go a bit dry if you over cook it. I have heard that pea protein is a great option for baking with.

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