It’s on like Donkey Kong

Day 2 of the 2 week sugar detox. How is everyone traveling? Trav very kindly made one of my fav desserts last nite, cinnamon banana ice cream whilst I sipped on my Chai Tea & willed myself not to punch him in the face & steal said ice cream. I already had my one serve of fruit at breakfast with my Carrot Cake Porridge (no sweetener of course) and bananas also registered really high on my Allergy Testing so it was a double fail for me.

Sunday morning is normally pancake morning at our place but this morning they were replaced with Sweet Potato & Chorizo Hash (recipe up soon) which was DE-LICIOUS and did not make me miss my sweet breakfast treats at all.

So far I am traveling ok with this no-sugar deal because I have been prepared, I eat enough at meal times that I haven’t really felt the need to snack & I have mainly been at home. The test will come tomorrow when I am back at work. I have done meal prep for lunches that will hopefully keep me full, I have made up some containers of Spiced Nuts and Coconut Chips for snack emergencies.

If you have already ‘fallen off the wagon’ don’t drop your bundle & give up, take a deep breath, jump back on and stop being a sook. It’s only 2 weeks, that is NOTHING in the big scheme of life, it won’t kill you, quite the contrary actually. Want more motivation as to why you should quit sugar? This is a great article HERE.

Here’s a few sugar free treats to get your through when you need it.
Toasted Coconut Chocolates just omit the goji berries.
Coconutty Fudge minus the stevia
Strawberry Love Bites this can be your one serve of fruit
Choc Bites minus the sweetener
Ginger Fudge minus the stevia

Other tips & ideas-

* You can blitz up 1 cup of frozen berries in the food processor with a dash of coconut cream to make ice cream if that is going to be your one serve of fruit.
* You can eat coconut butter or nut butter by the spoonful.
* Cups of tea are always a great help- experiment with some new flavors.
* Clean your teeth right after your dinner.
* Coconut oil, on a spoon, right outta the jar. Don’t judge until you have tried it. It’s awesome.


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