Pulled Pork & Apple

Wanna get porked? You should. It is awesome. Pulled pork is the bomb and the apples just add a special bit of ‘sumthin sumthin’ . This is high protein, lean, clean and the leftovers could be added to a nice big leafy green salad with some toasted coconut & walnuts! The slow cooker makes this business so easy, you can definitely do it in a crockpot too. Get porking.

3 green apples, peeled & chopped roughly
Boneless leg of pork- fat layer removed
500ml chicken stock
1/4 cup sage, finely chopped
1 onion, finely diced
3 cloves garlic, crushed
Big pinch salt & pepper

Add chopped apples to the bottom of your crockpot or slowcooker. In a frypan sauté onion & garlic with salt & pepper. Add pork and seal on all sides. Transfer pork & onion mix to the slowcooker on top of the apples, pour over stock. Turn on the slow cooker & let that baby work it’s magic for at least 4 hrs. Add the sage just before serving and stir through. Serve with lots of steamed greens.


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