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This is my husbands photography blog. The Fitographer, it’s awesome. Check it out.

This is me… An amateur, weekend warrior photographer; with a passion for animals (in particular – Dogs!)… You will see me grow and learn as this blog matures… And hopefully one day, I may become talented and competent enough to take this game up for a living (feel free to give me a ‘virtual’ upper-cut if you feel I am barking up the wrong tree here… I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who thought he could sing, with friends who wouldn’t give him some honest feedback, and so entered a talent show, only for the world to cringe at how absolutely sh!thouse he sounds!!!)?!

My very talented and very stunning wife is part of the reason I am commencing this… She seems to think I am ‘OK’ with the camera; but I sometimes wonder if she is ‘that friend’ who doesn’t have the balls to tell me that I suck!!! Needless to say, she is the bomb, and if you are a health nut foodie, you should definitely stop by My Food Religion. The other reason is so friends and family who don’t have accounts on Instagram, Flickr or Facebook, can check out my work… And critique the sh!t out of it!!!

Without blowing wind up my ‘proverbial’ or boring you to death with self appreciation and gloating, I have no accolades in this field (photography… or blogging), nor do I care for them. I photograph ‘stuff’ because I freaking love it… From finding something beautiful (or sometimes hideous – You will definitely see some hideous subjects…), to prepping my weapon (my camera of choice – being whatever is at my disposal at the time; which, is either my iPhone 4S, or DSLR Canon Rebel T3i), taking aim to find the perfect composition and light (this hardly ever happens with dynamic and mostly disobedient subjects, like a dog… Most of my animal shots are pure flukes with some ‘interesting’ results), to then editing my shots to try make the finished product look half presentable…

And yes, you read it correctly… I use a Canon Rebel T3i (or 600D). I honestly don’t feel I need to race out and buy a 5D (or better… Just at the moment, anyway), as I love my current camera and am fluent with the settings, so it just feels like an extension of me. In my very amateur opinion, that is all that really matters… I don’t have a vast array of lenses, only the kit 18-55mm, a 50mm 1:1.8, and a 12-24mm F4 (wide angle zoom). I have a wish-list of items to come, but at the moment, these are delivering good results for me (hopefully you agree?!).

I was an RSPCA Inspector until recently, and love dogs beyond words (not so much the human race after seeing some of the things I have seen and dealt with!!!)… I own a Great Dane named Astro, and so you will see him (and his posse of furry friends) take centre stage throughout this photo blog… Hopefully you can get to know him and his mates through my work, better still, ME… And, appreciate my photography in whatever form it takes. Feel free to criticise the sh!t out of it/me, give feedback and or make comment. I welcome your input!



2 thoughts on “The Fitographer

  1. Robyn says:

    You won me with the mention of dogs! I look forward to following your new journey and how you see the world through your lens Trav

  2. Thanks Robyn, sure you will love his shots

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