What a “Mammoth” Day

Well my package from Mammoth Kitchen arrived today, super fast delivery and all the things I ordered! I got the Taco Seasoning, the Meat Seasoning, a Shake M Bake Chocolate Cake and a Vege Twister! Now I am not sure what I am going to create with the Taco or Meat seasoning yet as I am already sure it is delicious when making tacos or seasoning meat, but what else can it do? My Vege twister is going to make paleo pasta a breeze from now on and I will give you one guess what’s going to happen to that chocolate cake…… I am going to make it and eat it…. Probably all in one sitting 🙂 It’s healthy so I can do that right? Their chocolate cake is as easy as the supermarket packet ones…. Just minus all the added crap. It is gluten and dairy free and I am pretty sure delicious will soon be added to that list of descriptives. You can get your Mammoth Supplies HERE



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