Coconutty Fudge

I had a heap of coconut butter left over from making my Coconutty Cookies and I thought that, instead of just eating it with a spoon out of the thermomix (not that I would do that…..Totally hypothetically speaking…. Ok, alright, I have, and probably will again, stop judging you judgey mcjudge), I would make some fudge because that is my fallback plan for leftover nut butter and this was similar and I am not feeling very imaginative.

These quantities are pretty rough so just use them as a guide and adjust as you need to.

1 cup of coconut butter (ish? Maybe closer to 1&1/2 cups?)
2 heaped tbs whey protein
1/2 tsp vanilla powder
2 tsp lucuma powder (you can leave this out, I just chucked it in because I had it)
Pinch stevia (or pure maple syrup)
Raw cacao nibs to decorate- optional

Mix everything really well in a bowl. Pour into a baking paper lined dish. Pop it in the fridge to set. Voila.


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