Loves of my Life- A random rant about Family & Food

My 2 great loves are Family and Food.


I love it even more when they are happening together, which is usually the case. Food brings us together, we eat loads of it and FAST, it’s the quick or the hungry at meal time with my family, we take Darwin’s Theory “survival of the fittest” very seriously. We drink wine and we laugh! We are a family of eaters, most likely this stems from the fact that my mum, this tiny little woman, is a “feeder”. I am fairly certain that there is a big Italian mamma trapped inside her little body whose life mission it is to feed those around her. She is a great cook. Seriously, look at the size of her, isn’t she cute?


So she feeds us, all 5 kids, plus dad, plus partners, friends and generally a few randoms. It is how she shows love. We are not a big family of huggers and kissers so mum shows us all how much she loves us by feeding us. She obviously loves us alot, even when you don’t want it, she tries to feed you.

I come from a long line of “feeders”, my mum, her mum and probably her mum’s mum! I have noticed that I now do this as well, if people around me are upset or hurting, I am not the “therapist” friend, I cook for them, eat with them, feed them. It is my way of showing how much I care, without inflicting my bad advice or tough love chat on them πŸ™‚ Trav is my favorite person to cook for, probably because he thinks everything I make is delicious, even if it isn’t πŸ™‚


Astro, our Great Dane, is also pretty easy to please on the food front, as long as he doesn’t have to hunt it himself, he’s chuffed. He has “hunted” his meals off the kitchen bench or dining table a few times… The trials of having a dog with a head the right height to swipe thawing chicken breast off the bench in one foul swoop. But generally, World’s laziest dog πŸ™‚ Look how smart he looks…


I love birthdays, not because of the cake, though I do LOVE cake, and chocolate, and ice cream…. I digress, but because it means we all get together to eat. We tend to celebrate every meaningful event with food, sometimes there are kitchen disasters, generally when we have given mum the night off cooking, and sometimes there is awesome kitchen success. Regardless, we all eat it anyway, we are not that fussy.

Food makes me happy, my family makes me happy. There is not much else I need in life except family and a great kitchen πŸ˜‰ What are your great loves?



4 thoughts on “Loves of my Life- A random rant about Family & Food

  1. you all look fabulous….

  2. Thank you Turkishkitchensecrets, that is nice of you to say.

  3. Liz says:

    Love every bit

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