Oil Me Up

If you hadn’t yet realised, I am a little bit CRUNCHY, not in the ‘live in a commune & wear hemp pants’ kinda way….. Though we have been spending our Sunday’s hanging at the Northey St Organic Market and the shoeless, hemp-pant-wearers do look mighty comfortable. I’m kinda more crunchy hippy in the ‘make my own non-toxic cleaning products’ & ‘look for natural alternatives’ kinda way. Never fear, I still shave my armpits & wear deodorant, albeit the natural kind, and absolutely believe in the amazing assistance modern medicine has to offer in combination with natural solutions. Each has their place in my life.

I was recently introduced to the awesome powers of doTerra ESSENTIAL OILS and have been going mad with them.

* In my cooking (um peppermint or orange oil in anything CHOCOLATE!)

* Using them to flavour my Kombucha (ginger & lime is ah-mazing)

* Making my own cleaning products

* Skincare

* Sleep aid & calming

*Diffusing them for their therapeutic benifits.

I have been using things like Easy Air for congestion, hayfever & snotty noses (think Vicks but super concentrated and without the petrochemical byproducts), OnGuard for immune support if anyone is feeling under the weather, DigestZen for crook guts (this was my indigestion savior in my last trimester of pregnancy!), Deep Blue for muscle aches & pains, & Lavender Peace for diffusing in our room & Grace’s to assist in sleep & calming.

There is also a friggen awesome website you can go to & plug in your ailment & it gives you ‘oily’ suggested protocols! I found it a great option to try & naturally relieve things like your headache or period pain before reaching for the drugs. You can check it out HERE. Obviously it’s not meant for medical diagnosis or treatment blahdy blah blah. Don’t be a fool.

Anyway, here’s my video on how to make your own baby wipes but these can be used as make-up remover wipes, bench wipes or hand wipes. MUCH cheaper than anything I could find in the health food shop & nothing but natural ingredients.

I’ll be doing more videos soon on homemade cleaning products to help you detox your home & save on all those chemical laden cleaning products. This is my video on how I make my own bench spray & bathroom cleaner because bleach…. Awful $hit.

If you want to get your mits on the doTERRA oils I use & recommend you can pop over HERE and find out how to get started detoxing your life & home and find out all the amazing ways that essential oils might be able to make a difference in your life too.


2 thoughts on “Oil Me Up

  1. Julie-Anne says:

    Thanks Shannon.
    I also ❤️ my doTERRA oils.
    Never leave home without my faves in my lil black pouch.

  2. myfoodreligion says:

    Me too!

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