Xmas Gingerbread

Special request from one of my lovely Instagram followers….. My auntie makes this amazing Finnish gingerbread every year, it is really thin and crispy and sooooo good….. Not so good for you though- it has cr@p loads of butter, sugar & golden syrup in it is I set about trying to alter it to make it better.

100g coconut oil
1 cup rice syrup/maple syrup- make sure you taste the dough and see if it’s sweet enough for you, I made mine less sweet (or stevia- how much stevia you use will depend in the type you are using, add some then taste it and adjust as needed, remember it will lose some sweetness as you cook it)
100ml Water
1 Dessertspoon of Ground Ginger (or to taste)
1 Dessertspoon of Ground Cloves
1 Dessertspoon Cinnamon (I add a little extra)
1Tsp Ground Black Pepper
1 egg or 2 tbs flax meal
1 cup coconut flour
1 cup almond meal
1 Dessertspoon of Bicarb Soda
Ground flaxseed meal or almond meal for rolling

Place oil, syrup,water and spices in saucepan. Let the mixture simmer slowly – this means on a low heat it has to be done very slowly or the mixture will burn and the flavours will not infuse properly.
Let mixture cool a little before adding flours and soda (that has been liquified in a small amount of water (use around a tblspn) and lastly the egg. Mixture can settle in fridge overnight. Usually best done the day before or can be done in the morning and baked in the afternoon. You need to let this get cold so you can work with the dough. Roll the dough out using the extra flaxseed or almond meal to stop it sticking. I made some thin ones (I love crispy gingerbread) and some thinker ones. Depending on how thick you make them will determine how long they take to cook.
Baking Temperature is 200degrees until just starting to brown around the edges. Mine took about 15-20 mins. Allow to cool completely or else they will fall apart in your hands. Store in the fridge, can be frozen too.



13 thoughts on “Xmas Gingerbread

  1. Sarah says:

    I love gingerbread cookies! I just did a recipe the other day too, but completely different than yours!! I will have to try yours since they are cut outs!! 🙂

  2. Ooooh is am going to check out your recipe now!!!

  3. Yum! And so easy! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Mmmm love gingerbread cookies!! So adorable too!

  5. Oooh thank you Brandi, me too!

  6. Sophie33 says:

    Gingerbread cookies made with coconut oil: they must taste awesomely & fabulous! They look just wonderful too!

  7. They are pretty good Sophie, but because if the coconut oil they need to be kept in the fridge or freezer or they just fall to pieces 😉

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