Mercury Rising

So it turns out I am toxic…… And heavy…. With metals. Bugger. After still not feeling 100% right despite blood glucose testing, food allergy testing, hormone testing as well as a plethora of other things I decided to suggest to my naturopath that maybe a heavy metal toxicity hair analysis might be worth a shot….. Turns out it was, much to both of our surprise. I have mercury toxicity. Whoopdeedoo for me.

So how did it happen? Beats me. I have no amalgam fillings, I haven’t been sucking on broken mercury thermometers or warming my house by burning coal, all of which would be common places to get mercury poisoning. I did eat predominately fish & seafood for about 15 years up until 12 mths ago though when I didn’t eat red meat….. That could be it. Perhaps because my liver is sluggish & not clearing things out properly I have just accumulated the mercury more. Who knows. What I do know is that things are making much more sense now.

In THIS ARTICLE on the topic they list some common symptoms as ‘muscle pain and twitches, insomnia, digestive problems, food allergies, depression, anxiety & fatigue’. I could tick off 6 out of those 7 straight off the bat. Not the depression….. Unless I run out of coconut…. Then I am depressed.

Mercury is a neurotoxin that attacks the nervous system, digestive system & the kidneys. Good times. It is stored in fat cells and needs to be cleaned up & excreted ASAP when it is released from them to prevent re-absorbing it. As your body burns fat for fuel the mercury can be mobilized….. No wonder I felt $hithouse when I was doing crossfit 5 times a week…. I thought it was adrenal fatigue (maybe it was partially). My body was probably also mobilizing all this mercury as I accessed my body’s fat stores for fuel, that was then making me feel awful as it floated around my body, did not get cleared out efficiently & was re-absorbed back into my fat cells…. And so the cycle begins again.

Other interesting things I found out from this testing was that my chromium levels are almost 0. Chromium is important for blood sugar regulation (might be good to re-do my blood glucose experiment once I have this sorted). My iron, zinc & calcium were also very low. More fun. Now I have 25 thousand supplements. Better get back on my BONE BROTH bandwagon and get liver back in my life. Did you know that organ meats are 10-100 times MORE nutrient dense than muscle meats from the same animal? Frozen liver pills it is. I take fresh liver, chop it into little ‘pill-sized’ bits & freeze it. Then, every morning I pop a few of these little pills. Super easy & you can’t even taste it. Go on, try it, stop being a whimp. You can read more about the benefits of liver HERE.

Now I will work with my naturopath to clear the mercury out & take some supplements to support the chelation process as well. This could take 6-12 mths. We need to make sure that the mobilized mercury is bound & sent packing. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Monopoly? No? Whatever. Some other things that can support heavy metal detoxification are infra-red saunas, ghee detoxes (not 100% sure what that involves yet), coffee enemas (not sure I’m up for that, I prefer my coffee in a mug), chorella & coriander therapy. If anyone else has any tried & tested ideas for me, I am happy to hear them. Ready. Set. Go.


8 thoughts on “Mercury Rising

  1. mlazarself says:

    I’m using homeopathic remedies to bring down high copper, barium and some other toxic metal that I had never heard of. Also, I have low zinc. High copper and low zinc are related so get your copper checked. Melanie Creedy at Elements of Health is excellent and consults via Skype (I’m in Perth, she’s in Tassie).

    Good luck!

  2. Thank you! They did check my copper. It is about the middle of the normal range. Get better soon!

  3. Evelyn says:

    Hi there! So happy you’ve made some headway and can start on a path to better health.

    Curious, at any point did you consider SIBO? The digestive and bloating symptoms sound similar.

  4. Hi Evelyn, SIBO is a great suggestion & yes the naturopath has checked all that stuff. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Hello. Do you grow your own vegetables or do alot of gardening? I remember seeing something on a health show which talked about toxicity through affected soil . Even f you dont garden you can be affected just living with txic soil. Just thinking out loud as you said you had no idea how you got mercury poisoning. Perhaps get your soil checked/tested to rule this one out otherwise treatment may be a waste of time if the cause is not removed. Good luck, Rebecca

  6. Hey Rebecca, no I don’t but that is an excellent point. I think it it’s likely from the amount of fish I ate over the 15years of being semi-vegetarian and the fact that my liver isn’t clearing it out properly.

  7. Pablo Gonzalez says:

    Love this exam you did as well as the allergy one. Where did you do them? I would like to check out myself because I eat very very healthy and yet am always tired.. I would like to be alright! Thanks!

  8. My naturopath organized both tests for me

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